10 Reasons to use Magento

e-commerce websites

Magento is an e-commerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

And these are just a few things we can tell about Magento. Such powerful platform is used for many e-commerce websites and here we are going to accent on why you should use Magento for your own business.

1. It’s open source

One of the reasons why Magento for ecommerce is the top choice for developers relates to the fact that it is open source. It means anyone who knows about Magento website development can use it to their advantage.

The Magento Community Edition (CE) is completely free and you can easily install or use any version you want. If you are a Magento expert, you can accelerate the performance of your online store and also promote your e-commerce website with new features and functionalities by developing or installing the Magento modules. You can find a huge library of modules at the Magento Connect/Marketplace. These modules will help up your game as a Magento website developer while harnessing your progress at the same time.

2. Rich Features

In comparison with other e-commerce platforms, Magento comes with rich and diverse features that give a hand for store owners to manage the whole business from product creation to checkout experience and even promotions or Marketing. Magento features organize a complete business with most of the essential functions to operate a store from the beginning to the end process. On the other hand, Magento allows business owners to freely take advantage of this diversity of Magento features to utilize business efficiency and store management.

3. Magento Community

One of the prime reasons why Magento enjoys a powerful position among its competitors is due to the selfless devotion of the Magento Community. This huge community comprises of dedicated developers, bloggers, project managers, product managers, CEOs, etc. around the world, who help and work with the Magento Community every day. The Community always ensures that everyone is on the same page. If you, as a developer, are facing any issue with your website, you can always count on the ever trusted community to help you out by providing proper guidelines and fixes for that particular issue. It is a safe platform, as well as speedy, thanks to the regular updates fulfill the needs of end users.

4. High Security

If you are considering any e-commerce platform, security standouts as the most significant issues you and every store owner need to take a careful inspection. When it comes to Magento, security is always guaranteed at the highest level to make sure that websites are under the full of safety for the whole time.

Magento establishes a security center to constantly provide users with every information about security, security patches, security updates, and practices as well as quick support in need. Furthermore, must-have security components such as PCI compliance or SSL certificate are also accomplished with the assistance of Magento. It has fewer possibilities to be hacked because Magento contains many built-in features without having to take the risk of installing additional extensions.

5. High Performance

With regards to the page load time, query processing time and other dynamic or static operations, once again Magento is the winner. It ensures optimum performance of your website while using minimal server resources. According to the user requirements, only a few hundred milliseconds of latency processing can completely kill the chances of e-commerce websites with potential customers. Magento, coupled with modern technology such as Varnish, Memcached, Redis, FPC, and optimized database options, can fittingly cater to the requirements of e-commerce businesses and their clients.

6. Multiple Stores And Language Support

There are a vast number of multinational corporations acquiring Magento to operate their business. The main reason is that Magento does allow multiple stores, especially multiple languages and even multiple currencies under one installation, which gives them more opportunities to widen the market and approach the tremendous number of potential customers over the world. Multiple stores also not only help improve the shopping experience for global customers but also assist store owners to easily business efficiency in each region corresponding to each store.

7. Multitasking

We all love multitasking, so does Magento. The best thing about Magento for e-commerce is that it allows you to perform multiple tasks at the same time, which lets you work on other important tasks simultaneously while monitoring your website’s performance. It all comes down to the fact that Magento saves your precious time. Merchants and developers can also manage all of the items, billings, customer information with just a single and user-friendly admin panel that the CMS offers.

8. SEO-Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another great thing proving that Magento is the true platform for your website. Magento supports users with enough SEO components to enhance ranking on SERPs such as sitemaps (HTML and XML) URL rewrites, metadata and so on. Especially, Magento offers out-of-the-box tools that you might not be able to readily find in other platforms.

9. Ease of Integration

Magento allows you to integrate quickly with a large number of third-party services including payment gateways, database applications, transportation, shipping, order tracking etc. Also, the Magento platform offers you with built-in Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base to help you monitor your website’s performance while keeping a bird’s eye view on the latest trends.

10. Good Mobile Experience

In the era of mobile as nowadays, Magento is proactively keeping pace with this common global trend by providing an e-commerce platform with high mobile-friendliness. Websites built on Magento are responsive not only on the desktop but also on the mobile and other currently popular devices such as tablets or notebooks. Customers can conveniently go shopping or experience all Magento websites on mobiles without worries about display or purchase issues. Everything in the desktop is properly customized and optimized with the mobile interface. Therefore, when the whole world seems to be toward mobile shopping or mobile reading, Magento plays a more and more significant role in improving customer experience by offering store owners a multi-responsive website on all devices.