Connect your Magento account to Facebook

connect magento to facebook

In the digital era more and more start-ups are opting to integrate their business with the infamous e-commerce following.


If you sell products and services, maybe you own a retail shop or a physical store where customers could take a glimpse of your business. But nowadays, when everything has its digital equivalence, it's quite likely you've already taken a step further to the future of broadening your audience and maintaining your brand distribution by owning an e-commerce website.


As we've mentioned in our previous articles, one of the ways you could achieve that is by using the Magento software. Magento is, essentially, a software platform that provides its clients the opportunity to create an online store. It has shopping carts, customizable interface, loads of store options as well as fully organizing your products sales and orders.


If you've already used Magento and now you are a proud owner of an e-commerce website, maybe you should consider connecting your Magento to Facebook. Below we'll discuss why that is important and how exactly you could achieve it. 


Why integrating Magento with Facebook?


By connecting Magento with Facebook, you could share numerous website events with your audience. This is an essential aspect for your business since audience engagement is crucial for its success. Facebook Ads are designed specifically to target those people, who would share an interest regarding the field your business resides in. 


By creating different types of Facebook Campaigns, you could broaden up your products and services to new potential customers. Also, showing the right products to the right people is another crucial and effective step. Don't hesitate - connect your Magento to Facebook now and witness the advantages this will bring to your business.


How to connect Magento to Facebook?


The process itself is fairly easy. 


First, make sure you download the Facebook Ads Extension which comes in a .zip format. After that, simply log into your Magento account and from the System menu, click Tools and then - Compilation.


In the System dropdown, hover over Magento Connect and select Magento Connect Manager. All you need to do is to install the downloaded plugin and upload it to your Magento account.


In the Settings menu, you can select your Facebook Page, pixel and products. You are good to go - start exploring the world of Ads and E-Commerce right now!