Rocapay - the best solution for your usage of crypto online

rocapay crypto exchange

Ever since cryptocurrencies have come to fame in 2009 with Bitcoin's release, they have brought the attention of millions of people. 


Nowadays, crypto is often viewed as gold - its on growing scarcity and value rise is what makes it intriguing and worthy. Let's take Bitcoin for example - right after its creation, a single unit of the crypto was worth only 0.39$ in 2010. Now, as of 2020, the price went up to the mindblowing amount of 9.500$.


As we know, e-commerce websites nowadays are taking the internet. For its success and value, each and every business integrates its products and services with an online-based shop. With that being said, it is only natural for users to be given the advantage of buying virtually anything using crypto.


And this is where Rocapay comes in the picture - the very widget you need in order to exchange your crypto to fiat money and buy products, goods, and services online. Its extremely easy sing-up and verification process, as well as the easy shopping cart integration, makes Rocapay the ultimate payment solution for your online business. All you need is to create an account and wire Rocapay with your e-commerce website. 


This would give your clients a tremendous opportunity to use their crypto balance and take a step ahead in the future of online payment solutions.