Cryptocurrency Widgets

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When you’re running your own website, widgets are the final piece of the puzzle, as these simple lines of HTML or Javascript code can be used to pull in custom content from third-party developers. Placed judiciously in sidebars, footers, and anywhere else there’s a space to be filled, widgets can make your homepage feel like it represents your interests and those of your readers. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best cryptocurrency widgets that are currently available.


Coinpress is a cracking cryptocurrency WordPress plugin that creates over 3500 coin detail pages automatically and in real time. Yes, through this simple to use add-on, you can gain a ton of information and material, offering your users to get the most out of their search. All the information about each coin is generated and updated without you doing any manual work.

Coinpress also comes with an advanced table with features like search, currency selector, watchlist, drop-down menu to buy and sell, as well as an option to change the default order. You can also fully customize the information about each coin and even modify the default order and style of the layout.

Cryptocurrency Converter

There are many third-party widgets that allow you to convert specific sums of cryptocurrency to fiat currency, or vice-versa, but Coinlib’s is one of the best. Simply enter the currency code of the assets you wish to switch between and the widget will handle the rest. Coinlib also offers a cool horizontal scrolling price ticker that might sit well on a dedicated trading platform or market news website.


If running an online store or pushing any type of products or services on your website is your business, now you can offer your customers to pay with cryptos. Thanks to Cryptoniq the integration happens seamlessly. Note, Cryptoniq supports four of the most popular cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, LTC and DOGE. What is also super cool about Cryptoniq is the fact that there are no 3rd-party service providers between the user and the admin. The payments are processed instantly and go from the buyer straight to the owner. Meaning, no withdrawal fees!

Coinmarketcap Price Ticker

Coinmarketcap’s customizable widgets allow you to style your site to suit your taste in altcoins. You can select market cap, volumes and rankings for even the most obscure cryptocurrencies, with prices denoted in a wide range of fiat currencies.

RocaPay Payment Plugin

RocaPay Payment plugins for all major shopping carts that can be easily implemented even by a non-technical person. One installed this plugin allows your customers to pay you with cryptocurrency via RocaPay. Use this widget to get paid in Bitcoin and 10+ other cryptocurrencies. Huge plus is their very helpful support.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Crypto Portfolio Tracker is a cool WordPress plugin that offers all your users to create and track their cryptocurrency portfolio. Of course, they can also share it with others and enjoy all the real-time statistics. This cryptocurrency WordPress plugin supports over three thousand coins. Along with that, the user can create a portfolio in any FIAT currency that he or she wants. Also, each user has an option to create as many portfolios as he or she needs and even add an unlimited number of transactions. The options and possibilities truly are enormous.